Captain's Log


Montenegro and Croatia, August 2004

1st August

Arrived Dubrovnik airport at about 10.30pm. On board Boo Too by 11.30pm, anchored some miles south of Dubrovnik in the beautiful bay of Cavtat. The crew greeted us with a very welcome bottle of white wine and some delicious snacks. Off to bed.

2nd August

Up early and after exploring Cavtat we sailed to Dubrovnik to look at the old city, which is truly beautiful. After lunch in town we cleared customs and immigration and set our course for Montenegro and the town of Herceg Novi. Arrived in the early evening and watched a flying microlite rib circle Boo Too a number of times. I guess we were as fascinated by it as the pilot was by Boo Too.

3rd August

A farcical attempt to clear into Montenegro in Herceg Novi – we could not find any authorities to check us in and eventually were directed to Kotor, a fascinating old fortified town at the end of the inner bay. We managed to clear into Kotor. The girls here have exceptionally long legs – see the photo!

By late afternoon we were in Donji Morinj at the far end of the inner bay. The water was interesting in that the first five or six inches at the surface were freezing, below this the water was a lot warmer. It made swimming exhilarating to say the least. Presumably water coming down from the mountains was the cause.

That evening we had dinner ashore at one of the most famous restaurants in Montenegro. The approach was by tender up a small shallow stream. The setting was very romantic.

4th August

Off early, motoring down the coast towards Bogova. Along the coast we spotted some deep caves so we dropped anchor for lunch and some exploring. The caves were large and deep. Some went through one cliff face and out the other side. See the photos.

The boys decided to try swinging off the spinnaker pole and good fun was had by all.

Anchored that night in Bogova after three attempts and pulling up a lot of weed.

5th August

A late start and on down to Sveti Stephan. This is almost an island village (now a hotel) with a causeway to the mainland and is just south of Budva. The boys went waterskiing and wakeboarding while the rest of us explored Sveti Stephan. Later we motored over to Budva and spent the evening there. The old town has been attractively restored and is well worth walking around.

Montenegro suffers from extremely loud music blasting out from every bar along its beaches. The good news is that at 1am it comes to an abrupt stop!

6th  & 7th August

Cleared out of Montenegro – with as much difficulty as clearing in! – then off to the island of Mljet. Overnighted in Polace Bay with its old Roman ruin before clearing into Croatia the next day in Kortula. Left Kortula in the late afternoon for the overnight sail up to the Kornati Islands.

8th August

Anchored early in the morning off the little hamlet of Striznja. It consists of about four houses and a couple of restaurants, one of which is the famous “Twins restaurant” so named on account of the beautiful twin daughters of the owners who help their parents in the summer months.

In the afternoon a walk up the mountain to the highest point in the Kornatis certainly helped with a bit of weight reduction! And produced some stunning views from the summit.

Dinner that night, where else but the “Twins restaurant”! About 9pm a strong wind caused a number of boats to drag their anchors and for a while havoc reigned.

9th August

Off early to Dugi Otok and the inner bay beyond the salt lake. Waterskiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and spinnaker jumping were enjoyed over the next day and a half. That evening Tim & Weena James turned up on MY Sarita, a beautiful 120ft motor yacht, and the six of us joined the twelve of them for dinner.

10th August

After lunch on board we set sail for Otok Kakan where, quite by chance, we met up again with MY Sarita. More fun and games between the two parties!

11th August

A glorious sail down towards Trogir, one last swimming / waterskiing stop then into Trogir and berthed alongside the town quay, which is always fun. A final dinner on board, a good night's sleep and…

12th August

Off to the airport after an excellent brunch and big farewells to the great crew of Boo Too. What an eventful, action packed 12 days it had been!

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