A great relaxing sport. When at anchor in a lovely bay why not try out the windsurfer and surprise yourself with how much fun you can have.

The Boo Too tender will get you up and get you going for a fun whirl off the beach

Hold tight and learn how to master this art. If already proficient try an exhilarating ride along the surf line

  Snorkelling and Scuba diving
The gear is on board. Swim over beautiful coral reefs and enjoy spotting different tropical fish (the colouring and shapes of these are magnificent). Alternatively, if you are qualified and wish to Scuba dive, we have the equipment on board and can arrange suitable dives.

Catch a fish for breakfast. Take the tender out early morning or in the evening and come back with the meal. Alternatively, use the rods as we sail during the day.

Boo Too has a powerful Olympus professional microscope on board. Scientifically inclined guests can study plankton and other microscopic forms of marine life at their leisure. Photographs can also be taken with a special digital camera designed for the purpose.